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Welcome Optimal BI New Zealand!

Optimal BI in Wellington New Zealand joined us as a partner offering our first Wellington CDVDM! A fantastic team of talented visionaries - visit Optimal BI here http://optimalbi.com/

Data Vault Certification Course Book 2016

The course book for the Certified Data Vault Data Modeler (CDVDM) course is now in version 36. This latest v36 of the course material has been updated for Big Data, expanded UOW, advanced architecture options, pros and cons of hash keys, keyed instance hubs, effectivity sats, BOK sats, and more!

2016 Schedule is now online!

The course schedule for all currently planned CDVDM course sections is now online! Take a look and join us at a course in your region!

Welcome BI Academy NL!

Today BI Academy (BA) became a GA Partner in the Netherlands.  BI Academy will add market reach and expanded GA courses to the region.  These offerings will compliment and support existing regional partner Centennium.

GA is a foundational partner of BI Academy providing all data vault, ensemble, and DWBI data modeling courses offered on www.BIAcademy.nl

Data Vault Book Released

Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault book is now available for online purchase in USA, Nordics, Europe, Australia, and most countries.  Order your copy of this data vault data modeling book here: https://www.createspace.com/4042432

Unified Decomposition

Unified Decomposition blog post http://hanshultgren.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/unified-decomposition/.

A foundational principle underlying the data vault and effectively all agile data modeling techniques for the data warehouse.

First CDVDM in Finland!

The First Data Vault Modeling and Certification course was held last week in Helsinki and was a great success.  During the course it was discovered that there are an estimated 12 to 18 Data Vault projects already underway in Finland!  Thank you to Affecto Finland for arranging a great training event.

Partner of the Year - Centennium

All of us at Genesee Academy would like to thank our Partner of the Year Centennium! www.centennium.nl

Centennium BI Expertisehuis is a premier provider of DW and BI services and education in the Netherlands.  As a group Centennium has the largest number of certified data vault practitioners, the largest group of professionals dedicated to data vault, and the most data vault projects under their belts. 

Beyond these things however, Centennium is honored with this designation due to their positive attitude, diligence, cooperation and their commitment to partnership.  Over the years every interaction with the Centennium team has been consistently professional.  We look forward to many more years with this valued partnership.

Data Vault Academy Launches!

New for 2010 - Genesee Academy launches online On-Demand Training for Data Vault, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Data Modeling.  Visit www.DataVaultAcademy.com today to begin learning now! 

"We are extremely excited about this new training portal" said Hans Hultgren, CEO of Genesee Academy, "The professionally produced streaming video lessons look great and feel like a classroom experience."  

With over 120 lessons at launch, the new format will allow students of all levels to get the specific education they need - on their schedule. 

All Data Vault Certification courses (CDVDM) in 2010 and beyond will be delivered in a blended format - including 2 days of on-site classroom work along with the equivalent of 2 classroom days delivered online at the Data Vault Academy (2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after the on-site sessions).  "This new format means that students can limit time away from work to 2 days AND learn much of the core content at their own pace over the course of several weeks - a perfect combination!"       

Data Vault CDVDM V2!

Data Vault Certification CDVDM V2   New for 2010, all Certified Data Vault Data Modeler classes will be delivered in a BLENDED format including special online accounts at the Data Vault Academy! 

This new format now includes two (2) days in the classroom and four (4) weeks of online On-Demand education! 

    [ - - - - 2 weeks online - - - - ]      [ 2 days on-site ]      [ - - - - 2 weeks online - - - - ]  

Reducing the on-site time to 2 days means taking 1/2 the time away from work!  Leveraging the online training means expanding your learning experience by several weeks - allowing you to absorb more material!  Working on your own schedule, you can focus on the pre-session core concepts and post-session advanced topics at your own pace. 

Sign up today for a CDVDM course that fits your schedule:  http://www.geneseeacademy.com/course-schedule 

Nutreco Certified Data Vault Model

Nutreco now has a Certified Data Vault Data Model! 

With the official press release today, Nutreco now has the first Certified Data Vault Data Model in Europe.  Working with Centennium in the Netherlands, Nutreco developed a Data Warehouse using the Data Vault modeling approach - joining over 250 large organizations using the Data Vault today! 

Through our diligent model certification process, Nutreco was awarded a certificate earlier this month in their headquarters in the Netherlands.

Model Certification - along with our CDVDM data modeler certification - is the standard for assuring that core Data Vault principles are applied consistently and correctly when designing your EDW.

Genesee Academy Partners with Bill Inmon...

Jan 20, 2009

Genesee Academy is partnering with Bill Inmon on our online training portal.

Bill Inmon Institute delivers online training on basic and advanced data warehouse concepts.