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Data Vault Certification
Data Vault Certification: CDVDM Outline
Online On-Demand Video Lessons

Two (2) Weeks: Through our web-based e-learning portal view over 50 Data Vault course modules.  Learn about DV constructs the Hub, Link and Satellite.  Discover the EDW benefits along with the What, Why and How of the Data Vault modeling approach and methodology.  Work at your own pace; pause, rewind and review any time of day with 24/7 access at DataVaultAcademy.com

Data Vault Training Course Seminar

Two (2) Days or Three (3) Days: Join fellow students in the classroom for dynamic lectures, labs, active discussions, group project cases, and structured exercises.  Complete your education on Hubs, Links, Satellites and how to effectively apply Data Vaulting in your organization.

CDVDM Certification Exam

Afternoon: With your fellow students complete an interactive final review of core concepts and then take the exam for your Certified Data Vault Data Modeler (CDVDM) designation.