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Data Warehouse Boot Camp

Data Warehousing Boot Camp 

Focus: Onboarding new resources to the data warehouse team - Data Warehousing principles, EDW architecture, Staging, Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Historization, Data Modeling, Best Practices, Data Integration, Reference Models, Information Architecture.

This track covers all the important information you need to learn about data warehousing and data modeling concepts from the ground up.  It begins with the basics around 3rd normal form and OLTP systems, then moves on to the different types of normalization.  It covers in depth the denormalized format of Star Schemas, and introduces the concepts and notions around Data Vault Modeling. This class is essential for all data warehousing and business intelligence resources.

The instructor Hans Hultgren in this track bring years of experience to provide you with the best practices. Come find out why this class is the right course for you today!

Course:Data Warehousing Boot Camp
Instructor:Hans Hultgren
Duration:5 Days
Cost:Upon Request