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Data Warehousing 2.0 and Unstructured Data Integration

Focus: DW2.0, Unstructured Data, Analytics, Cube Analysis

Genesee Academy is partnered with Bill Inmon to bring you the latest in Data Warehouse 2.0 specifications, architecture and design. In addition to bringing you Bill (teaching his own courseware), we also bring you additional courses about DW2.0. Our instructors also include: Dan Linstedt, Hans Hultgren in this area.

Our courses focus in on implementing different components of the DW2.0 stack, and include: best practices, practical approaches, and implementation standards. We also take time to show you the pitfalls, and mitigation strategies of constructing these systems. Topics include: near-line storage, real-time architecture and data modeling, and unstructured data integration.

The Business Intelligence courses cover a range of different topics from Data Mining, to applying statistical results to business requirements, to requirements gathering and making sense of the business. We specialize in applied knowledge, in other words: how to apply the data to the business successfully.

Course:Overview of DW2.0™ and Textual ETL
Instructor:Bill Inmon
Duration:7 Hours
Cost:Upon Request
Description:This course is intended as an overview for business managers, analysts and technicians that may be involved in Textual ETL projects. The course provides an introduction to the DW2.0™ architecture and technologies, and specifically discusses Unstructured Data. The attendees will learn how Textual ETL integrates Unstructured Data into the structured data world. You will gain valuable insight into the business value, methodology, organization, and deliverables involved in a Textual ETL implementation. In addition, you will be introduced to the detailed activities that are appropriate to complete the planning and preparation phases required for Textual ETL projects. This course is a prerequisite for many of our other certification courses.

Course:Textual ETL Engine Certification
Instructor:Bill Inmon
Duration:3 Days
Cost:Upon Request
Description:This intense certification course will quickly bring you up to speed on how to implement using the Forest Rim Textual ETL Engine. Learn by doing in a hands-on, workshop environment using the latest version of the product. You'll learn the details of the unstructured DW methodology and understand how to leverage the database you develop to achieve the ROI of unstructured data. Through the hands-on labs you will learn how to configure the software, and follow the design and development ETL processes to deliver unstructured textual data into your Unstructured Data Warehouse.