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Course:Data Vault Modeling & Certification - Copenhagen Location: Genesee Academy
25568 Genesee Trail Rd
Golden, Colorado 80401
Instructor(s): Remco Broekmans   
Starts:Monday, June 4, 2018 8:45 am
Ends:Wednesday, June 6, 2018 5:15 pm

Prerequisites:On-Line Data Vault Basics Course

Welcome to Data Vault Modeling and Certification in Köpenhamn!

This class is a 2 day course consisting of: Data Vault Mdoeling Approach, Hands-on workshop/case study, Test Review, and Certification Testing. 

This course includes 2 weeks of online on-demand video lessons delivered on www.DataVaultAcademy.com

This 2 day certification class starts off with a Data Vault Cocnepts, which refreshes the basic concepts behind the Data Vault which were covered in the online video lessons. The review is followed by a Case-Study workshop where students will be divided up in teams.  Each team will be responsible for building a Data Vault Model - answering business questions, identifying assumptions, and drawing a Data Vault Model.  This is the bulk of this class consisting of a total of 8 hours of learning time.  The class then completes with a small prep-time for testing, and the administration of the Data Vault certification test. 

Upon arrival at the class, Students are to have a *working knowledge* of Data Vault practices, principles, and standards.

Audience Roles:
For the business section: Data Modeler, Data Architect, Business Analyst, B.I. Analyst, ETL Designer, Systems Architect, Business Sponsor, IT Executives, Project Managers, B.I. Architects, Report designers, Database Architects
For the technical section: ETL Designer, Data Modeler, Data Architect, Systems Architect, Project Managers, B.I. Architects, Report designers, Database Architects, B.I. Analyst

Course Duration:
This course is 2 days in length with the certification exam taking place on the afternoon of he 2nd day.

Class Delivery:
Classroom Lecture, Discussions and Labs.

Lab Work:
We provide a case-study for the teams to utilize in the hands-on lab work.

Day 1:

Module 1: DV Standard Concepts

Hubs, Links, Satellites, Business Keys, Data Vault Backbone, Core Architecture, Benefits, ETL architecture, business requirements, etc...

Day 1 Afternoon & Day 2 Morning

Case Study/Wokshop
Module 2: Hands-On Team Study

  • Case Study hand-out and review 
  • Team setup (done by instructor)
  • Break-off into groups to work through the issues/problems
  • Interact and ask questions of the instructor
  • Reconvene, and present the teams findings

Day 2: Afternoon

  • Brief Test Preparation / Review
  • Testing/Certification 

Students may download a study guide for the exam as of the first day of the certification course.   Certification is a closed-book, closed-note test mostly essay in nature. The test is written in English, we do not grade on grammar or spelling constructs – only on ideas and concepts. Two and a half hours are provided in the United States for the test, and three hours are provided in non-English speaking countries.

Turnaround time: expect the results of the certification test to be available 3 to 4 weeks after the class has been taken.  We will notify each individual by e-mail, therefore the student must provide a working e-mail address upon registration for this course.


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