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Course:Advanced DV & Ensemble Modeling Summit - Colorado Location: Genesee Academy
25568 Genesee Trail Rd
Golden, Colorado 80401
Instructor(s): Hans Hultgren   
Starts:Thursday, October 4, 2018 8:30 am
Ends:Friday, October 5, 2018 5:30 pm




This is a special annual event that combines a meeting of the Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling Consortium with a section of the Advanced Data Vault Modeling (see course description below).


The Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling Consortium is an international guild comprised of member experts (practitioners, authors, innovators and thought leaders). This group seeks to pull together the most current thinking and best practices in all forms of Ensemble modeling including Data Vault, Anchor, Focal Point and more. This group is responsible for the current definitions of the Data Vault Standards.



The next level beyond the Certified Data Vault Data Modeler course is the Advanced Data Vault.  This course has been redesigned for 2017 and consists of two (2) intensive days of interactive modeling and group case analysis.

Special Price $995 USD


The focus of this course is modeling.  In particular this course is focused on providing students a deeper understanding of the various options available within the Data Vault modeling approach.


The goal of this course is to enable data modelers and architects to make the most informed and best possible modeling decisions when establishing their specific modeling pattern in their organization.


This course follows an example-driven approach based on over a dozen real-life modeling cases.  For each modeling scenario there is a business case that leads to a set of alternatives.  Through interactive group analysis and discussions, and drawing on the experiences of the students in the class, the various alternatives are uncovered, considered, often ranked, and ultimately classified and categorized based on best practice considerations, pros & cons, and how appropriate they might be given the specific business scenarios.


This course if for data modelers, data architects, information modelers, and other data warehousing and business intelligence professionals who work with the design of conceptual, logical or physical data.  Students attending this course should be comfortable with the Data Vault modeling approach.  Ideally certified CDVDM modelers, those actively working with Data Vault or those who have spent time working with data warehouse modeling ensembles.


This course provides the unique opportunity to leverage decades of Data Vault modeling experience from around the World to gain a deeper understanding of Data Vault modeling and the impact of various different patterns.  It also provides a venue for connecting with other modelers to share experiences, ideas, models, challenges, discoveries, and to work together towards a common better understanding of ensemble modeling.


1) Modeling Events (and the role of links)

2) Ensemble Logical Modeling (ELM), Ensemble Logical Form (ELF) and Ensemble Modeling Pattern (EMP)

3) Modeling for Big Data Deployments

4) Modeling for Streaming Deployments

5) Modleing UOW - Event based UOW, Keyed Instance UOW (hubs vs links)

6) Modeling Effectivity (context close to key)

7) Modeling the BK in and EDW  (dealing with lack of Enterprise Key - also include Anchor/Focal alternatives)

8) Modeling the Shuttle for Fuzzy Integration (dealing with realistic integration)

9) Modeling the SAT BOK  (alternate, degenerate keys, etc.)

10) Modeling for Personally Identifiable Information and Privacy (PID)

11) Architecture - Defining and Deploying the RAW and BDV (establish approach)

12) Modeling Context Arrays (impact on satellite design)

13) Modeling Automation - the Play Book  (how and when to automate)

14) Modeling for Virtualization (in memory)

15) Modeling for Blockchain data integration


Fee includes course materials, coffee, and lunches.


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