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Course:Agile Data Warehousing Productivity Bootcamp Location: Genesee Academy
25568 Genesee Trail Rd
Golden, Colorado 80401
Instructor(s): Ralph Hughes   
Starts:Monday, May 8, 2017 9:00 am
Ends:Thursday, May 11, 2017 5:00 pm


Agile Data Warehousing Productivity Bootcamp

A combined class:  Modeling + Deployment

Part I  Data Modeling

Data Vault modeling is quickly becoming the standard approach for modeling the data warehouse. Compared to other popular approaches, data vault modeling represents a paradigm shift – a new way of thinking. Realizing the full benefits of this approach means embracing this new paradigm in its entirety. This course is intended to cover all of the key components that make up the data vault modeling paradigm - distilled into a single day. As such it goes beyond an introduction to arrive at a thorough and practical overview. Because there is a great deal to cover, this course includes a rich set of resources and materials. These are intended to support the learning process before and after the training day itself.

Content :

This course consists of three (3) components: The one day classroom course, the online video lessons, and the course materials.

  • Classroom course day
    • Lectures
    • Case Lab
    • Exercises
  • Online video lessons
    • Data vault fundamentals
    • Related data warehousing & Architecture topics
  • Course materials
    • Class presentation deck
    • Workbook
    • Lab
    • Guide
    • Book

All components are designed to work together by communicating a consistent and clear message concerning the fundamentals of data vault modeling.

Part II:  Making it Happen

Being fast and accurate with agile data warehousing requires much more than just some experience with Scrum.

If your developers are not delivering an order of magnitude faster than a waterfall team, they’re still missing the techniques and tooling that make incremental data warehousing a straightforward and repeatable process.

This boot camp transforms traditional data management teams into world class agile data warehousing practitioners in five days.


When your data warehousing professionals return from our training, they will not only be self-organizing to eliminate wasted effort, they will be modeling data in new ways that ensure fast development, and they will be using the latest in script drivers to transform data rather than struggling with traditional programming or GUI-based ETL tools.

What they will learn:

Fast patterns for gathering the business and technical requirements needed for agile development

Surface-solution strategies for delivering huge value without extensive programming

Hybrid hyper normalization for pattern-based data modeling and transform specification

Fill-in-the-parameters approach to data staging and transformation

Template-managed test-led development for highly efficient quality assurance

We have structured this book camp as a “learn by doing” experience, so that your team will return to work the next week ready with new work habits and new tools, ready to resume your project at ten times the former delivery pace.

Two agile EDW experts provide the instruction so that the class can be divided into two interacting sub teams, namely “Specification & Validation” and “Application Programming.”


We chose this structure because re-training these two functional areas to communicate fast, fully, and accurately is a major objective of this seminar.


If your data warehousing, business intelligence, or big data commitments exceed the time or funding you’ve been allowed, then you need to equip your team with the technology and knowhow offered in this boot camp.  You’re going to need the speed of agile data warehousing.