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Customer Quotes about the Data Vault Certification Class:

Come join us in the Data Vault Modeling and Certification Course!  Learn a JOB SKILL that you can utilize throughout your career. 

 David van der Vliet - TIC the Integration Company
 "Essential course for building data warehouses"
 Jos Kessels - Meeus Groep
 "Kwalitatief hoogwaardige cursus!"
 Marc Sanders - Nippur Consulting
 "Zeer veel geleerd over de methode, de do's & don'ts, best practice"
 Peter Kurstjens - Nippur Consulting
 "Dan is propably the most experienced data modeller for data warehouses around today. He combines thorough insight in DW concepts with hands - on experiences implementing these in a variety of database products and for high volume environments. Highly recommended course." 
 Martin Kaasjager - Logica CMG
 What was most valuable about the Data Vault Seminar?
"The workshops, to actually play with the learned material"
 Pieter Vuijk - i3 Intelligence In Information
 "After the seminar I thought: "The Data Vault model will solve a number
of my problems". Because of the seminar I have set up my current project
as a Data Vault. The advantages for the business are starting to show"
 ABN Amro Insurance
 "In 2006 we have used the Data Vault Model for a small Data Warehouse project. After 6 weeks we could show the first results. The added value of the model mainly lies in the flexibility. The Change Requests can be implemented easily. In this way the Data Warehouse can continue to grow organically” 
 Rein Mertens, SAS Institute Nederland
 What was most valuable about the Data Vault Seminar?
"Discussions during labs, examples from Dan Linstedt and the theory"
 Ali Aytekin Keskin - Logica CMG
 "I am impressed with the way Dan teaches the class, combining as much as possible, the theoretical background of the subject together with how it applies in practice, in real life"